The Story

The Story

Release ID: 8971677


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Artiest Fats Domino
Titel The Story
Format Compilation,CD
Label EMI Plus
Collection Media Conditie
Collection sleeve conditie
Released 2000
Genre Rock,Blues
Release ID 8971677
Plaats in winkel
Cat no. 724357608503
Stijl Rock & Roll,Rhythm & Blues
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Position Title Artist Duration Type
CD-21 No, No 2:05 track
CD-23 Young School Girl 1:54 track
CD-19 Yes, My Darling 2:00 track
CD-24 Whole Lotta Loving 1:38 track
CD-5 When My Dreamboat Comes Home 2:19 track
CD-13 When I See You 2:10 track
CD-9 What's The Reason (That I'm Not Pleasing You) 2:03 track
CD-14 What Will I Tell My Heart 2:24 track
CD-15 Wait And See 1:52 track
CD-12 Valley Of Tears 1:56 track
CD-17 The Big Beat 1:56 track
CD-6 So Long 2:09 track
CD-20 Sick And Tired 2:33 track
CD-1 Ain't It A Shame 2:31 track
CD-4 My Blue Heaven 2:09 track
CD-22 Little Mary 1:57 track
CD-11 It's You I Love 2:03 track
CD-10 I'm Walkin' 2:12 track
CD-3 I'm In Love Again 1:54 track
CD-18 I Want You To Know 1:57 track
CD-16 I Still Love You 1:56 track
CD-25 Coquette 2:29 track
CD-ROM-1 Bonus CD-ROM With Biography, Photo Gallery, Discography track
CD-2 Bo Weevil 1:50 track
CD-7 Blueberry Hill 2:20 track
CD-8 Blue Monday 2:14 track

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