The Formative Years 1951—53

The Formative Years 1951—53

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Artiest Little Richard
Titel The Formative Years 1951—53
Format Compilation,CD
Label Bear Family Records
Collection Media Conditie
Collection sleeve conditie
Released 1989
Genre Rock,Blues
Release ID 4194728
Plaats in winkel
Cat no. BCD 15448 AH
Stijl Rhythm & Blues,Blues Rock
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Position Title Artist Duration Type
15 I Love My Baby Little Richard 2:30 track
2 Why Did You Leave Me Little Richard 2:34 track
10 Thinkin' Bout My Mother (Take A) Little Richard 2:45 track
6 Thinkin' Bout My Mother Little Richard 2:53 track
3 Taxi Blues Little Richard 2:20 track
19 Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens The Tempo Toppers (2) 2:36 track
12 Please Have Mercy On Me (Take A) Little Richard 2:33 track
8 Please Have Mercy On Me Little Richard 2:32 track
16 Maybe I'm Right Little Richard 2:50 track
13 Little Richard Boogie Little Richard 2:50 track
22 I Love My Baby (Take 2) Little Richard 2:39 track
7 Ain't Nothin' Happenin' Little Richard 2:13 track
11 I Brought It All On Myself (Take C) Little Richard 2:57 track
5 I Brought It All On Myself Little Richard 2:55 track
9 Get Rich Quick (Alternative) Little Richard 2:14 track
1 Get Rich Quick Little Richard 2:18 track
18 Fool At The Wheel The Tempo Toppers (2) 2:39 track
4 Every Hour Little Richard 2:54 track
21 Directly From My Heart (Alternative) Little Richard 2:56 track
14 Directly From My Heart Little Richard 2:57 track
20 Always The Tempo Toppers (2) 2:41 track
17 Ain't That Good News The Tempo Toppers (2) 2:50 track

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