Legend - The Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers (Deluxe Edition)

Legend - The Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers (Deluxe Edition)

Release ID: 8656321


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Artiest Bob Marley & The Wailers
Titel Legend - The Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers (Deluxe Edition)
Format CD,Compilation,Deluxe Edition,Remastered
Label Island Records
Collection Media Conditie
Collection sleeve conditie
Released 2002
Genre Reggae
Release ID 8656321
Plaats in winkel
Cat no. 3145867142
Stijl Reggae, Roots Reggae
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Position Title Artist Duration Type
CD1: Legend Remastered heading
CD2: The Legend Remixes heading
CD1.1 Is This Love 3:55 track
CD1.10 I Shot The Sheriff 4:40 track
CD1.11 Waiting In Vain 4:16 track
CD1.12 Redemption Song 3:48 track
CD1.13 Satisfy My Soul 4:31 track
CD1.14 Exodus 7:40 track
CD1.15 Jamming 3:31 track
CD1.16 Punky Reggae Party 6:52 track
CD1.2 No Woman No Cry (Live) 7:08 track
CD1.3 Could You Be Loved 3:57 track
CD1.4 Three Little Birds 3:00 track
CD1.5 Buffalo Soldier 4:18 track
CD1.6 Get Up Stand Up 3:15 track
CD1.7 Stir It Up 5:30 track
CD1.8 Easy Skanking 2:57 track
CD1.9 One Love / People Get Ready 2:52 track
CD2.1 One Love / People Get Ready (Extended Version) 6:59 track
CD2.10 Waiting In Vain 4:11 track
CD2.11 Exodus 8:48 track
CD2.12 Lively Up Yourself 5:16 track
CD2.13 One Love / People Get Ready (Dub Version) 4:55 track
CD2.2 Waiting In Vain 5:54 track
CD2.3 Jamming 5:33 track
CD2.4 Three Little Birds / Three Little Birds (Dub Version) 5:18 track
CD2.5 Could You Be Loved 5:25 track
CD2.6 No Woman No Cry 4:10 track
CD2.7 Coming In From The Cold 5:42 track
CD2.8 Buffalo Soldier 5:24 track
CD2.9 Jamming 3:20 track

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