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Artiest Slade
Titel Smashes
Format LP,Vinyl
Label Polydor
Collection Media Conditie Mint (M)
Collection sleeve conditie Near Mint (NM)
Released 1980
Genre Rock,Pop
Release ID 1501412
Plaats in winkel ROCK
Cat no. POLTV 13
Stijl Glam
Notes 40


Position Title Artist Duration Type
A9 In For A Penny 3:34 track
A7 Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam) 4:32 track
B3 Take Me Bak 'Ome 3:02 track
A10 Skweeze Me Pleeze Me 4:33 track
A2 My Friend Stan 2:38 track
B8 My Baby Left Me / Thats Alright Mama (Medley) 2:22 track
B6 Merry Xmas Everybody 3:42 track
B1 Mama Weer All Crazee Now 3:40 track
B2 Look Wot You Dun 2:55 track
B4 Let's Call It Quits 3:30 track
A8 Bangin' Man 4:10 track
B7 How Does It Feel? 5:50 track
A6 Gypsy Roadhog 3:24 track
B10 Gudbuy T' Jane 3:30 track
B5 Give Us A Goal 2:47 track
B9 Get Down With It 3:48 track
A3 Far Far Away 3:34 track
A5 Everyday 3:07 track
A1 Cum On Feel The Noize 4:28 track
A4 Coz I Luv You 3:32 track

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