Sugar & The Lollipops

Sugar & The Lollipops

Release ID: 4183762


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Artiest Sugar & The Lollipops
Titel Sugar & The Lollipops
Format LP,Vinyl
Label CNR
Collection Media Conditie Mint (M)
Collection sleeve conditie Near Mint (NM)
Released 1981
Genre Rock
Release ID 4183762
Plaats in winkel NEDERLANDS
Cat no. 655.117
Stijl Pop Rock,Rock & Roll
Notes Geen notities


Position Title Artist Duration Type
A2 Baby I Love You 3:48 track
B2 Changing Address 3:20 track
A1 Dancing Dynamo 2:52 track
B6 Dancing In The Light 3:15 track
A3 Fish And Chips 3:18 track
A5 Hot Night 3:10 track
B1 I Can Dance 3:13 track
B5 It's Alright 3:20 track
B4 Jungle Drums 3:10 track
B3 Missing Your Kissing 3:20 track
A4 Something Old, Nothing New 3:16 track
A6 Tonight 3:44 track

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