A Special Radio Promotion Album

A Special Radio Promotion Album

Release ID: 9065583


Good Plus (G+)

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Artiest The Rolling Stones
Titel A Special Radio Promotion Album
Format LP,Vinyl
Label Decca
Collection Media Conditie Good Plus (G+)
Collection sleeve conditie Good Plus (G+)
Released 1969
Genre Rock
Release ID 9065583
Plaats in winkel COLLECTORS
Cat no. RSM.1
Notes 7500


Position Title Artist Duration Type
B3 2000 Man 3:10 track
A3 Around And Around 3:06 track
A4 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 5:03 track
A7 I'm Free 2:25 track
B6 Love In Vain 4:23 track
A5 Off The Hook 2:36 track
B5 Prodigal Son 2:54 track
A1 Route 66 2:21 track
A8 She Said Yeah 1:36 track
B2 Stupid Girl 2:56 track
A6 Susie Q 1:50 track
B4 Sympathy For The Devil 6:25 track
B1 Under My Thumb 3:25 track
A2 Walking The Dog 3:10 track

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